Sonia Di Sante

Words cannot express my gratitude! It took me months to pluck up the courage to make an appointment with a Plastic surgeon, the first very daunting steps to having a breast reduction. They say first impressions count…..well, Kelisha (Dr Pillay’s receptionist) was my first impression and the rest was nothing short of amazing. Meeting Dr Trishan Pillay was such an honour for me. He is extremely humble, very kind and he has the most impeccable bedside manners. I always felt comfortable and at ease. I have absolutely NO regrets at all with my choice of surgeon and it was a privilege to have shared my joy of this life changing procedure with this very fine gentleman. Thank you and may God Bless you!

Tannith Slater

I have been seeing Dr Pillay for Botox since mid 2022. I never thought I would have wanted botox but I am now so glad I started this journey with Dr Pillay. I was exceptionally self conscious about a very prominent frown line on my forehead because it made my face looked harder and I always had a slightly annoyed expression on my face without meaning to. When I asked him if he could help me he took his time to talk me through it and kindly answered any questions I had. I am so satisfied with Dr Pillay. He has got to know what works for me. Because of Dr Pillay’s incredible skills he has managed to do a very natural Botox on my forehead which has softened my face and helped me feel so much more comfortable with the way I look and something so 6small has been life changing for me. I truly am so grateful for Dr Pillay.

Shan Fourie

Our little girl was 2 years old when she split her lip in a random accident. We went straight to Alberlito to casualty where they informed us that Dr Pillay was the plastic surgeon who should be contacted about her lip and the healing of it. We contacted the rooms and they made an urgent appointment for us to see Dr Pillay. From the moment he walked into the rooms there was a sense of peace and he was absolutely brilliant both with us who were highly anxious and with our little girl who was very sore. His entire demeanour was just beautiful from beginning to end. His care for her, and her face and how her lip would heal was out of this world. He operated on her and today you cannot even see a scar on her lip at all. We are so very very grateful both for his bedside manner and for his absolute skill and expertise in his field. We are so grateful for Dr Pillay

Lorna Thome

I found reception very friendly and helpful. Dr Pillay explained exactly what he was going to do and I was made to feel a special patient, which in itself is very refreshing because of the stress of having to have a procedure done. We need more specialist like Dr Pillay in Ballito.


We the Ankiah family would like to take this opportunity to say just how wonderful Dr T. Pillay and his staff are,
  1. Dr T. Pillay goes above and beyond, and his expertise and knowledge is unparalleled
  2. The staff are friendly and professional and carry themselves with the utmost respect, sincerity and care.
  3. As first-time parents and having to deal with our little one’s surgeries we were at first overwhelmed and scared but thankfully we had Dr T. Pillay and his awesome staff who helped and guided us through every process, we have and will continue to trust in his expertise.

Karen Holmes

I cannot praise Dr Trishan Pillay and his staff enough!

Upon visiting his rooms for the first time, I was very impressed with the patient, calm and obvious confident professionalism in all who I met. It was very reassuring indeed.

Dr. Pillay always took his time with me, he answers all my questions and never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient. I always feel completely satisfied after my appointment. There were no unanswered questions, doubts, or confusion.

I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of my surgery and the aftercare that I received from Dr Pillay and his staff was outstanding.

Definitely my favourite doctor and staff!

Mrs KJ Khartley

In July 2017 I suffered the rupture of my left Achilles Tendon. An orthopedic surgeon operated and repaired the tendon, but unfortunately I picked up an MRSA superbug which seemingly chewed its way through the tendon, and my heel, and caused a huge hole in my heel. I was then referred to Dr Pillay to repair the damage by plastic surgery. Dr Pillay was, in a word, wonderful. He had to ‘invade’ my foot altogether I think five or six times over three months, and between procedures and after the last one, I was attending his rooms every week where either he or his lovely nurse Kelisha dressed the wound. During some of this long treatment I was on an antibiotic to kill the bug, which was eventually successful.

Dr Pillay was always friendly and upbeat, which helped lift my spirits as this was a very trying time for me. We exchanged stories about our families, and I can really say that I feel I made a friend and didn’t just find a good doctor.

One year later my heel is as good as I think it will get. I walk normally. I have to use Vaseline every day on the scar, as it tends to scale quite a lot, due I think to the skin in that area being thin. The scar is getting smaller I am sure.

Thank you Doctor Pillay. I will recommend you to anyone who might need your skills.

(Age 72)

James Bonney

I met Dr Pillay having broken my leg after many months of efforts to remove a skin cancer which had returned after having been irradiated many years previously. I had been transferred to the Alberlito Hospital from The Bay Hospital Richards Bay because my condition required the services of a plastic surgeon.

Dr Pillay tried to perform a miracle to save my leg, but this was not to be. He sent me home for a week to discuss all the different possibilities and future prognostics with family and friends. Sadly, on returning to hospital to assess the progress of the mammoth medical intervention by Dr Pillay, the consensus decision was taken to amputate my right lower leg. Dr Pillay and his team performed the operation successfully and post operative treatment and rehabilitation was all put in place. This was when I met Dr Pillay’s staff and became a part of his practice.

This practice exudes happiness, efficiency and professionalism. Every contact with any of the members of this practice makes one feel confident that everything possible is being done to ensure that a successful and stress free outcome will be achieved. Telephone communications are polite and pleasant, as is the greeting on arriving at the practice. Anything that needs to be done is done efficiently and professionally, but most importantly the feeling that you are the most important patient and your well being is of tantamount importance to each and every member of this practice makes for confident understanding that you are in good hands. On top of all this, the treatment you receive is of such a humane nature that you can only feel better after visiting the practice, no matter the seriousness of your condition.

I am delighted to admit that my wife and I have become a very happy and satisfied part of this practice and know that we will continue to be a part of it whatever the future might bring.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Ann Duane

I’ve had reason to visit Dr Trishan Pillay twice over a period of the last six months.

The first time was after I had an accident during which my face was cut with glass in about four places, and the second was when a dermatologist told me to have some suspicious marks excised, one of which was the start of a melanoma.

On both occasions, I found Dr Pillay to be professional, gentle and caring. I can highly recommend him. He and his anaesthetist make up an excellent team. There is no evidence of any scars whatsoever on my face, as he did an amazing job and I’m very grateful to him.

Audrey Botton

I was introduced to Dr. Trishan Pillay in July 2016, having been referred to him by a dermocologist,Dr Ramkisson.

I found him to be an extremely kind, gentle and understanding Doctor, a value that one needs when an operation is apparent.

Due to the condition of my skin (misspent youth in the sun) I have been in to theatre 4 times and every graft or incision has left scars barely visible. I have the utmost faith in him.

Richard Armstrong

Dr Trishan Pillay attended to me during and after a significant procedure to remove a cancerous growth from my left shoulder.

His supreme professionalism , skill and expertise resulted in a successful excision of the growth and closure of the wound, and guided me throughout the many months of post op recovery.

I was treated with kindness, patience, empathy and gentleness.

Trishan took the time to teach my wife to change the dressings, saving many trips of long distances.

He is a very good listener and no question goes unanswered.

On visits to his surgery we were always received by his friendly and helpful staff.

Thanks to Trishan and his team I have recovered the use of my shoulder.

30 July 2018


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