Breast reconstruction

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a procedure in which a breast is reconstructed using either the patient’s own tissue or an implant, following a mastectomy. In the case of breast reconstruction that is performed with the use of natural tissue, muscle, fat and skin may be taken from the lower abdomen. A mastectomy involves the removal of the breast, and is usually performed as part of breast cancer treatment. The breast reconstruction procedure may be performed during or after a mastectomy surgery.

What does the procedure involve?

Dr Pillay will either make use of skin from your back or lower abdomen to reconstruct your breast if the option for your tissue is used. If an implant is used it will be place under the chest muscle and covered with the remaining chest skin. Each procedure has its own risks and benefits and all with be discussed with prior to the surgery. This will allow you to make the best informed decision possible.

You may also undergo surgery to add a nipple to your new breast. You will need your new breast to heal before undergoing nipple or areola reconstructions, and Dr Pillay will advise you when you are ready for the procedure.

How long does recovery take?

You will need to stay in the hospital for a few days after the breast reconstruction surgery. Dr Pillay may place some tubes in your chest to drain excess fluid from your body. Once your fluid levels have decreased to a normal level, the drains will be removed. This may take a week or two. You should be able to resume your usual daily activities between six and twelve weeks after the procedure.



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